Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An Introduction

A lot of people have been starting blogs recently. I debated it for a while; I prefer personalized e-mails, but this is probably the most efficient way to do things. Not only that, but this can also serve as my personal diary during my month here.

Daniel and I are spending a solid month here in Tokyo. Neither of us speak Japanese. He speaks a little bit more than I do, but that's not saying much. As soon as I got here, I realized that this would be a difficult month. No one speaks English! So this blog will not only follow our adventures in Tokyo, but it will also serve to highlight cultural differences and difficulties as a foreigner. It is not easy to live in a country where you don't speak their language, and they yours. But that's what is going to make this so fun...:)

So buckle up! You are about to explore Tokyo with us!


  1. The thing that'll probably benefit you guys most for the least amount of effort is to spend some time learning how to read Katakana. Just basically memorize the top left section of the table on the wiki page (from ka to ko, through wa to wo). There's sooo much Katakana all over Japan and it's pretty easy to figure out the meaning once you can read the characters since they're meant to be English words written in Japanese.

    Hope you guys have a blast! I know you will. :)

  2. Awesome blog! Looking forward to the posts...I love Japan! too bad our trips did not overlap