Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our Apartment, Part 2

This is our mini stove. Note that though it only has two burners, it has a small grill for grilling fish!

Underneath our sink: a treasure trove! Including a rice cooker and a whole drying rack with utensils.

This is located outside our shower. Good question, we have no idea how to use it either, but I'm sure once we figure it out, we'll have extra magical shower air.

And that's all the fun for now. Our apartment is one surprise after another. Wait until you see the toilet!
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  1. The Kanji at the bottom 4 buttons read, from left to right:

    dry - cool wind - something about the room - change air

    The green circular button says '24 hour air change'.

    I think it's basically the equivalent of our shower fans that suck out the hot air and mist.

    And of course, the toilet should wash your butt!