Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random observations

I know I have posted a surplus of posts today, but I wanted to jot down some random observations before I forget! (Still to come, your favorite part, the fine cuisine we've been eating!)

1. No one eats on the street or subways! We Americans must seem incredibly gauche to the Japanese. I mean, -everyone- is eating on the A train. And when you buy some bread from a bakery, how often do you just rip off a piece and nibble on it as you walk home? No way, the Japanese wrap everything up (Dan thinks it is for precisely that reason -- they want to discourage such uncouth behavior) and no one eats in public!

2. The Japanese drive on the left! No one ever told me this -- I thought it was just the Brits and Australians!

3. Do the Japanese eat fruit? I am having the hardest time finding fruit, except the really expensive single-wrapped ones that appear to be for gifting purposes.

4. No one talks on their cell phones in the trains! Everyone is texting, but no one is on their phone. I chuckle because I am certain if cell phones worked in NYC subways, everyone would be jabbering away.

5. The women here dress really well. They are all in heels and skirts, and I wish I had brought more dressy shoes. :)

6. The Japanese love to package things. Everything is packaged beautifully, even the smallest trinket that you buy. I love it!

7. You order ramen from these vending machines! How cool is this. No one takes your order -- you just put some change in, and choose what you want, then bring your ticket up to the counter. You can even do 'add-ons' for some extra yen, like an egg or extra meat.


  1. 3. Hmm, now that you mention it, I don't recall having fruit at all when I was with my homestay family. We had pineapple once for breakfast, but that was the only time there was fresh fruit on the table. It's probably pretty expensive over there because Japan doesn't have much space to grow fruits (so they probably import from China or something).
    7. Ah, you have discovered the greatness that is the vending machine restaurants. :)

  2. so there's a ton of street food but no eating on the streets? i don't get it! they bring home the spiral french fry?

    how are the prices there in general?