Sunday, May 3, 2009

UFO catcher

In Japan, they call the prize claw machines UFO catchers.  I had never heard of this terminology, but that's what everyone says here.  Dan and I wasted a bunch of money trying to win a large Rilakkuma before I convinced him that this was their ruse.  We did see one guy who was very very skilled, though.  He goes around from machine to machine and spots the likely candidates and then wins them!  
There are all sorts of UFO catchers here: from the usual 'catch the object' one, to the ones where you 'push the object through some metal bars,' or 'loop the ring around the object.'  Each machine gives you a hint on how to win the prize.
Anyway, we still couldn't win anything, but my friend showed me the real trick.  You can ask the person who works there to move the prize for you!  Yup, they will move it to a more 'favorable' location and then you can try and impress your girlfriend from there.  How come everyone doesn't do this?  Most people have more pride, apparently.  Not us.  ;)  

Here is Rilakkuma, my prize from the UFO catcher.  My friend won him for me after asking the employee to move him to a better location.  :)
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  1. Hi Cathy! I got your blog link off Dan's status. Nice food and pics =)

  2. Haha, imagine trying to do that in the US

  3. hehe, patrick and i spent $5 US dollars for 2 measly grabs to win a giant doraemon from a Tokyo UFO, and of course we we just bought an identical one for $15 at a shop conveniently located near the arcades. it spared us a lot of sanity :) (yes, we're cheaters)