Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Vegan Restaurants, Part 2

6. Non's Izakaya, Meguro: For Dan's goodbye dinner we went to a vegan izakaya so that everyone could enjoy the food!  It's not easy to find a vegan place that also serves alcohol, let alone izakaya dishes but this was a good find.  The restaurant is run by Non, just one woman who cooks and buses and cleans.  Service ends up being pretty slow, but if you're with a group of people, time passes pretty quickly.  We ordered so many dishes -- I felt bad the whole time because she was scampering around making our food and bussing our dishes.
Oh -- for the record, the dessert was not very good, so don't order it.
Vegan gyoza!

Squid 'sashimi' with natto: amazing!  Really tasted like squid!  And I have developed quite a liking for natto.

Chicken kara-age: deep-fried 'chicken', tastes like the real thing!

Korean pancake 'chigimi': I don't like the Japanese version as much.  It's not as crisp, much more of a mochi consistency.

Soymilk broth noodles: yum!  This was our favorite dish.  It's so flavorful and full of goodies in that pot.  My new favorite broth is the soymilk broth.  :)


Om-rice: fake 'omelet' over rice.  Our friend was so excited to have fake egg!

7. Vegan Healing Cafe, Shibuya: I didn't actually eat here because the menu looks very boring to me, but I did want to try their desserts.  Below are their soy whip cake and their chocolate tart. Both are quite good.

8. Loving Hut, Yotsuya-sanchome stop: On my last day in Tokyo, I tried this place for lunch.  Wish I had found out about it earlier!  I had the most delicious set lunch for only $10!  Everything was meticulously prepared, and the restaurant was clean and cute, if a bit sparse.

I had vegetable dumplings, great sweet and sour soup, a slice of quiche, summer rolls, vermicelli salad, some other side dish, and a slice of cake for dessert!  
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