Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ghibli Museum

The Ghibli Museum is the museum for Miyazaki's films -- My Neighbor Totoro, Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Sky, etc.  It was a must-do on our list, but boy, it is not easy to get there or even to get tickets.  First off, you have to buy your tickets ahead of time.  Secondly, you buy them at Lawson's at an automated machine.  Well, if you can't read Japanese, it's a bit tricky to use one of those machines!
Luckily, Jason helped us out and we scored ourselves two coveted tickets to the museum.  The tickets are also for a specific time, so you can't just go whenever you feel like it.  
After a subway ride and much walking, we finally made it!  The museum doesn't allow pictures inside, so here are some from the outside.  The architecture was amazing; it all fit with the magic and mystique of the movies.  Our favorite room (not pictured) is the Neko bus room! It had a giant stuffed Cat Bus that kids played on!!  If only we were a bit younger...:)
There's this huge spiral staircase that leads up to their "castle in the sky."

A view from the top floor.

It's the robot from Castle in the Sky!  (My own personal favorite Miyazaki film!)

The cube from the same movie: can't really remember what this was for anymore.  Anyone?

After watching the short film, we had a snack at the cafe.  It was Kiki (from Kiki's Messenger Service) themed!  Look how awesome the layout of the museum is...

Chiffon cake and tea: there is Totoro on the teacup!

The interior of the cafe: really well done, transports you to a Miyazaki film, no?  Surely you are no longer in Tokyo!

Farewell shot!
If you get the chance, you really should come to see this place.  All the old animation cells, zoetropes, and other fun Studio Ghibli things make it well worth the effort to get here.  Oh yes, and all the children's smiles and laughs...:)
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  1. Postcard has arrived! Thank you!! I want to play in a giant Cat Bus too. :P

  2. The cube looks like what the foundation of the floating island was made from. When they destroyed the island, all these blocks fell apart out of the sky into the sea.

  3. AHH!! GHIBLI MUSEUM!! I want to go too!! ><

    I thought the cube was one of the "control blocks" of the island. In the control room, they were all floating around. It was the very control room that the bad guy really wanted to get to.