Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vegan Restaurants, Part 3

We heard about this fantastic vegan restaurant in Kyoto called Cafe Proverbs 15:17.  It was near our ryokan, so we decided to check it out.  I am not the most Bible-literate person, but they translated Proverbs 15:17 into what you see below.  I don't know if it's accurate or not, but the food was awesome.  Dan doesn't normally like vegan food all that much, but this place was great!
Eggplant tempeh bowl: such a great dish!  The flavoring was done perfectly, and the tempeh took the place of meat very nicely.

Soymilk ramen: ramen is really tough to find for vegetarians because even if there's no meat, the broth is meat-based.  This one was amazing.  You know how much I love soymilk broths by now.  :)


Double-cooked pork with asparagus: Not as good as the real thing, and the sauce was a bit too heavy, but it wasn't horrible.
Desserts here were my favorite part!  They had the usual chocolate cakes, cookies, etc. but they also had very good Asian desserts.  I tried their chocolate and carrot muffins; both were quite good, but these below were much better.

Some amazing dessert made out of soymilk.  The top part is sweetened edamame, I believe.  It was so good!  It tasted like a silky milky pudding.  :)

My favorite dessert!  I have been lusting after these parfaits (they are everywhere in Kyoto -- mostly green tea ice cream, mochi, and green tea cake parfaits) and haven't been able to have one.  :(  Luckily, they serve an amazing one here!  Ours was roasted green tea and kinako ice cream, along with mochi, cake, and jelly cubes.  So good!  The ice cream is made in house too.  A must-try for any lactose-intolerant person.  ;)
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  1. wow! looks awesomely delicious. yay and i finally have time to peruse all the pictures on your blog!