Saturday, May 23, 2009


I love the markets in Taipei. The amount of variety is staggering, and the amount of drool that comes out of my mouth is similarly staggering. Let me give you an idea of how awesome these places are.

This stand sold prepared foods. You can get a lunchbox (bian dang) for very cheap, and choose a whole variety of foods.

Steamed breads! Some with fillings and some plain. Also some fa-gao, or steamed rice cakes.

Eight Treasure Rice: yum, couldn't resist taking a picture of this. Eight Treasure Rice is sticky rice topped with various sweets, either dried fruits or red bean jam, etc. Very Chinese and very delicious.

Zhong zi: These are glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves. You steam them and they become a delectable meal. Some are salty (fillings of pork, mushroom, etc.) and others are sweet (red bean filling). Love it!

Various pastries at the bottom, most with red bean filling. At the top are shao bing, these thin sesame breads that I adore.

Man making handmade noodles! Many different flavors. Everything is so fresh!
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