Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dim Sum in Hong Kong

That's right, that's Hong Kong!  And in Hong Kong we had to have dim sum!  Dan and I looked up a few places and ended up at Victoria's Seafood Restaurant.  It seems like most HK natives don't have a particular dim sum restaurant that they frequent; they all seem to be pretty solid. Anyway, Dan and I ordered enough food for 4 people (!)  -- it's not my fault, Dan wanted to try everything!  We ordered a few more dishes that aren't pictured below because we forgot to take pictures before digging in.  ;)
Goose something or the other

String beans

Fish maw (what is fish maw anyway?)

Tripe: didn't really like this dish, too much sauce

Dumplings: my own personal favorite :)
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  1. Fish maw is the air bladder of the fish. TOTALLY delicious. I love that stuff.

    Making me hungry looking at it.