Thursday, May 28, 2009

Favorite Taiwanese breakfast

I adore the Taiwanese breakfast of shaobing youtiao. Shaobing is ... so hard to describe, but basically it's a rectangular Chinese bread (you can see it in my previous post on marketplaces) with sesame seeds and scallions, etc. The outside is slightly crispy, but the inside is warm and soft. You often eat it with youtiao, which are fried cruellers (but not sweet). You eat all this with some good homemade soybean milk. These breakfast places also often have danbing, or egg pancake (similar to a scallion pancake wrapped in egg), and other various pastries, both sweet and salty.

My aunt took us to a great place near her house. Pictured below are some pastries (a sweet shaobing, a fluffy scallion bread, and some delicious soymilk. :)

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