Friday, May 22, 2009

Yang Ming Shan

My aunt and uncle took us for a short hike in Yang Ming Shan. It was gorgeous! Thought I'd leave you with a few pictures.

This is called "Milk Lake" because the water looks like milk.


After the hike, they brought us to a flower garden area near the mountain. The specialty is calla lilies, and everywhere there are fields of calla lilies. You can buy them for really cheap! There are also lots of restaurants there because it's so pretty.

Calla lilies

Steamed mantou's, many different flavors!

This was our restaurant. It was outdoors and very casual, but the food was great. We tried so many different types of vegetables -- stuff you can't normally get, like stir-fried betelnut leaves! We also had sweet potato fries and loofah tempura!
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