Friday, May 29, 2009

Airline Meals

This will probably be one of my last posts about our vacation. If I find some more cute pictures, I might put them up here and there, but I wanted to close with a summary of all our airline meals! The picture quality is often quite poor, I'm sorry for that. It's tough to take pictures in that cramped seat. Any overall comments on the airlines? The food on the Asian airlines is much better than the food on American Airlines. US airlines in general just have horrible service.

1. American Airlines
JFK --> NRT (New York --> Tokyo)

Nasty beef dish with a gross salad and some pretend sushi

This was chicken, I believe. Slightly better than the beef. The oatmeal chewies were pretty tasty.

Later on, they served us another meal. This was chicken and rice, but with some fruit and Milanos!

2. Cathay Pacific
NRT --> HKG (Tokyo --> Hong Kong)

Not too shabby, I think this is fish with some string beans, carrots, and mushrooms. I like the added touch on the rice. ;) We also had some fruit and the roll was decent too. The mochi for dessert was an added bonus!

Dan's meal of egg and pork -- quite delicious!

3. China Airlines
HKG --> TPE (Hong Kong --> Taipei)

This flight was only 2 hrs long, so I consider this quite a good snack box! It's full of dim sum, dumplings, bao-zi's, and some bean curd thing. There's even a packet of good hot sauce on the side. :) The cake was very blah.

4. Japan Airlines
TPE --> NRT (Taipei --> Tokyo)

Hands down, my favorite meal of the bunch! Japan Airlines has really good service. This is their fish meal. Look at the attention to detail! For this super short flight, there are so many goodies. The meal meal was pretty good, comes with some vegetables and pickles as well. The pink noodles come with a soy dipping sauce and seaweed! There's also a delicious celery salad and some other interesting flowery vegetable. And free wine! OH -- there's even real metal cutlery!

5. American Airlines
NRT --> JFK (Tokyo --> New York)

Pork with some fake sushi again. The dessert looks gross, but I didn't try it.

I asked for a dairy-free meal, and they gave me this one. It's not bad, some Indian curry stuff with pretend naan.

We also had a snack box of bread plus turkey (very bland) and a "breakfast" meal later on, which consisted of a danish and a croissant. I think they gave us breakfast because it is much cheaper than a real meal. It certainly wasn't breakfast time, in NY or in Asia! Anyway, moral of the story is to fly non-American airlines!

All right, it's been really fun...thank you for reading! Maybe I'll post some more fun things when I get the time. :)