Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I don't frequent Starbucks that much in the US, way too overpriced. However, I've been to Starbucks twice in the last two days here. Not because it's cheaper -- still way overpriced here (probably even more so than in the US) -- no, but they have these great drinks! The first one I had was a green tea latte. Today I had a soy latte and get this, a sakura macaron! Starbucks is having a cherry blossom promotion with all sorts of drinks and snacks. Check it out!

Here is someone's flickr picture:

My favorite part about the Japanese Starbucks is that when you order a soy drink, they give you a card that says "soymilk." When you receive your drink, you give the card back to the barista. This ensures that you get a drink with soy, and not regular milk, thus cutting down on allergy accidents. Wish we had that in America!

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  1. hehe, i first had a green tea latte in seoul, but later realized that they have it in the US too. looks like you guys are having an amazing time! if you can, break out of the city and check out the hot springs :)