Saturday, April 18, 2009

A special dinner at Gonpachi

And here is the entry where Yoko makes a special guest appearance!  We had been looking forward to meeting with Yoko for a long time, but she is so busy with work lately, so we are so happy that she was able to meet up with us!  It's so nice to talk to someone who understands both cultures so well (and can order for us in Japanese -- haha).  We kept peppering her with questions about dating culture, fashion (apparently, layering and accessorizing is very important to Japanese women), and other random things that had been bothering us.
She took us to a lovely restaurant called Gonpachi, located right by us in Shibuya.  It's located on the 14th floor and the ride up is in a glass elevator that had Dan's stomach lurching.  I thought it was a gorgeous view.  :)  The restaurant serves traditional Japanese food, but a bit more modern?  They specialize in soba and kushi (skewers).
We had our own tatami room and ate and talked to our heart's content.
Really fresh tofu, I love this stuff.  It's so creamy and melts in your mouth.

We got a whole bunch of different grilled items, this one being my favorite.  They were 'eringi' mushrooms, perfectly grilled with a nice chewy texture and adorned with a bit of salt.  Yum!

Black miso cod: of course I had to get this!  Very good, no further comments needed.

Gonpachi is very famous for its soba, so we finished off our meal with some soba.  Dan and Yoko both got cold sobas, with plum (ume) seasoning on top.

Aw, and here we are after a wonderful dinner.  Thanks for taking us out, Yoko!  
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