Thursday, April 23, 2009

A long search for takoyaki

This takoyaki had a lot to live up to...

Gindaco Takoyaki was recommended to us by a friend, so we decided to venture out and find it one night.  Unfortunately, Dan only remembered that it was located in Shinjuku.  Do you realize how much we depend on our cell phones nowadays?  That's right, in the era when there were no phones (no texting Google to ask for the address, no calling your friend to have her look it up on the Internet), there was asking random street people.

Well, friends, this doesn't work so well when you don't speak Japanese!  Nonetheless, we would not be deterred, so we went around from person to person, asking "Gindaco Takoyaki, doko desuka?"  (Where is Gindaco?)  Half the people had never heard of it!  One person sent us on a wild goose chase to the basement of a huge department store.

About an hour later, we finally located it!  For those interested, it's in the basement of Alta!  It was a very delicious takoyaki, no doubt about it.  The crisp outer shell was just right, and there wasn't too much of the sauce on top.  I think I'd prefer a little more octopus in my balls, but they were still delicious piping hot.  :)

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  1. My family and I spent an entire evening trying to track down this hole-in-the-wall ramen restaurant in Shinjuku that we had randomly stepped into the year before. We didn't even know the name of the place, so asking around was not even an option. We never did find it, and I still haven't had tastier ramen since...