Sunday, April 5, 2009


Kaiten-zushi is 'conveyor-belt' sushi.  The sushi chefs stand in the middle and make plates of sushi, and they rotate around.  It's so fun, you are constantly on the lookout for something you want, and you snatch it off the belt when it comes around.  Each plate is color-coded with a price, and at the end of the meal, the plates are tallied up.  It's best to go to a kaiten-zushi place that is very busy; that way, you know the sushi is fresh.  
Dan and I tried two kaiten-zushi places in one night.  It's easy to go in and order a few pieces (or in our case, overeat at both.  :P)  Very fun and quite cheap.  Unfortunately, a lot of the menu is a la carte as well, but since our command of the language is non-existent, we couldn't read the menu, nor ask for much.  

You get to mix your own green tea.  There are hot water spigots at every table, and you use a spoonful of green tea powder.

Here come the plates!

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  1. How's the quality of the conveyor belt sushi? I thought mine was pretty good!

  2. yours was good! the quality at the first place was much better than at the second place, but the second place had 120 yen plates, so we couldn't really complain!