Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stopped by the police!

Daniel here.

After work on Friday, I was striding purposefully through the windy streets of Dougenzaka on my way home when I saw two police officers coming my way.  I moved to the left to allow them to pass.  They moved to the left.  I moved further to the left.  They moved further to the left.  Then, I realized they were stopping me.

One officer let loose a swift stream of incomprehensible Japanese.  I stared blankly, worried that I had committed some obscure misdemeanor.  Finally, I managed to utter one word --- wakarimasen --- I don't understand.  The officer switched to English, asking to see my ID and backpack.  I asked why.  He said there have been a lot of drugs and knives in this area.  In the US, I would have refused, but here I reluctantly acceded.  They examined my backpack, digging through all my stuff.  Then they perfunctorily patted me down, really only checking my pockets.  He felt something hard in my pocket and asked what it was --- turned out to be my phone, big surprise there.

Then, they let me go, and I walked home, feeling confused and violated.

Apparently, I was lucky --- other gaijin stopped without their passports were interrogated for hours at the police station and summoned for a hearing.  Read this poor guy's story.

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