Friday, April 24, 2009

Goya champuruu!

We randomly stumbled into an Okinawan restaurant the other night and happened to sit next to a party of Taiwanese people!  They were so excited that we speak Mandarin, so they gave us all sorts of advice on what to order.  Turns out they live right near by my aunt too!  Anyway, they recommended this goya champuruu, which is the most famous Okinawan dish.  It is bitter gourd, tofu, egg, and pork (they used spam, I believe).  According to Maki of, "it's supposed to give you lots of energy yet cool your body at the same time, making it perfect for the tropical climate of Okinawa."  I loved everything we ordered here!  I guess I'll have to try more Okinawan food.  :)
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  1. That looks an awful lot like a taiwanese dish they serve here in the Bay Area! (hint hint)