Wednesday, April 15, 2009

End of sakura season + 1 last hanami

To balance out the number of food posts, I thought I'd leave you with some images from the last sakura blossoms of the year.  Cherry blossom season ends very quickly here in Japan!  Here we are at Meguro -- pretty much all the petals have fallen already, but we decided to enjoy one last hanami!  
Sitting by the benches.  Notice all the petals are gone.  :(

Our hanami: we bought a whole bunch of food from the supermarket.  You can see sashimi, tempura, various salads, soymilk, and my favorite -- pumpkin!

These are all sakura petals in the river!  Isn't it crazy?
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  1. Ah, I recognize Dan's sneakers in the 2nd picture! Btw the food posts are my favorite, so I don't mind a skew in that direction =P.