Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Homestyle food, buffet style

We discovered that one of the best way to try a variety of Japanese foods is the buffet!  We loved buffets here, mainly because we didn't have to deal with the trouble of ordering and reading a menu.  Most of these buffets have a good selection of fairly healthy, homestyle Japanese foods.  Stuff your mom might cook, if you were Japanese.  They weren't particularly cheap, though, so go hungry.  :)
1. Keke, in Landmark Tower 5F, Yokohama

As you can see, great selection: fresh vegetables (loved the cherry tomatoes!), noodles, tempura, lots of fish.  Also wide variety of drinks (tea, coffee, juices)

2. Saishokukenbi, Shinjuku:
This was probably my favorite of the buffets, but it is all-vegan, so if you're not into that, don't come here!  Warning: they only serve dinner buffet on Friday and Saturday nights, so plan accordingly.  I will write a more detailed review when I put up my vegan restaurants post. (Sorry, still getting to it!)
Very homey atmosphere

I loved the cute plates with 9 compartments!  Lots of good fake meats, lots of vegetables!

3. No-no-budo, IMS Building, 13th floor, Tokyo
This was a fantastic buffet.  Nonobudo concentrates on traditional Japanese dishes, prepared organically and locally.  There are salads, organic vegetables, curries, noodles, tempura, and everything else your heart could want.  We definitely overate at this buffet, there was such a great selection.  The best part was that they kept bringing out new dishes all the time!

They even had this lovely negitoro over rice, with grated yam, seaweed, and salmon eggs.

They had great desserts, including some sponge cakes, soy milk with mochi, bread and jams, almond jelly, grass jelly, cheesecakes, etc.
So if you don't speak Japanese and need a good solid meal, try one of these buffets.  Just don't end up with tummyaches like we did.  ;)
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