Friday, April 17, 2009

Yokohama Chinatown

Yokohama is located only 25 minutes away from us by train, and it houses Japan's largest Chinatown (as well as our dear friend Yoko).  Dan and I had to go see it for ourselves.  It was, without doubt, the cleanest Chinatown that we've ever come across!  It resembled Chinatown in most manners -- street vendors hawking food, lots of gaudy red decorations, people milling about -- but the streets were impeccably clean!  

They also sold these HUGE bao-zi everywhere!  I don't know if you can get a sense for just how large they are here, but I have never seen these enormous bao-zi's at any Chinatown before.  Everyone was eating one!  I guess for 500 yen, it makes a perfect meal.  The Japanese even have plastic food models of the different bao-zi's.  ;)  I wanted that black one myself.

For some reason, the Japanese also associate the Chinese with pandas, so the entire Chinatown was filled with panda stores.  Panda this, panda that, even panda bao-zi's!
We didn't end up eating in Chinatown, just buying a few various snacks.  I've heard the Chinese food there is a bit mediocre, so we are holding out for Hong Kong and Taiwan.  Still, it was a very worthwhile visit, and we picked up some panda paraphenelia on the way!

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  1. My mom also makes giant (vegetarian) baozi. They are a very convenient meal for on the road.

  2. aw, i want to try them. :) does she make the dough herself?