Monday, April 13, 2009

Food at Disney Sea!

The food here is not bad! No complaints from me or Dan. Well, I did yearn for cotton candy at some point, but their food was quite adequate indeed. The prices were also very reasonable.  The fun part about their food is that every 'port' serves its own food.  You spend the day looking at different snack carts because they all serve something different!  Totally ingenious idea, as Dan and I love being on the prowl.  ;)

Here's a smoked chicken leg. This was Dan's favorite snack of the day, and he ended up getting two of them. ;) This is definitely an Asian-style snack, with just enough zest and spice. Yum.  This was part of the Mysterious Island theme -- you know, the whole wilderness/outdoorsy thing.

Then we had a sesame churro at Arabian Coast.  Yes, a sesame churro!  Dan said it wasn't as good as the regular cinnamon ones from Costco, but I enjoyed it immensely.  They also have a maple churro elsewhere in the park.

Our lunch at Sakura Restaurant in the American Waterfront.  Loved it!  We had udon noodles that came with the sushi and lotus root and pickled vegetables.  We also ordered fresh yuba (very tasty!) and scallops of some sort.  Not too expensive for this lovely meal either.

And my favorite part, the popcorn!  Everyone here carries around a huge souvenir popcorn bucket with some Disney character on it.  They get cheap refills with the bucket.  I couldn't afford the bucket, but I did get myself a thing of caramel popcorn.  Each popcorn cart serves a different flavor of popcorn!  They have caramel, sea salt, curry, black pepper, strawberry, and chocolate!  Apparently, they used to have cappuccino and coconut as well.  I passed up the caramel stand the first time and then spent a good hour looking for another one.  :P
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