Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Can anyone help me out?  This was from a temple at Kamakura; they sold these 'amulets' and 'charms' to protect you from certain things.  I really want one to protect me from the dangers of residency, but my Kanji isn't good enough to read.  Can you find one for me?  

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  1. First set, left to right:

    1. schooling/education
    2. relationship
    3. safe/happy housing
    4. 12 sticks (wtf?) - must be some kind of idiom
    5. passing (a test)
    6. no idea what this one is...
    7. traffic/commute safety
    8. safety from danger
    9. i believe this one's just a general ward
    10. fortune
    11. otakara something... no idea
    don't know what the last two are either...

    The second set looks a lot more specific (and probably more related to professions, I think). I can't really decode much of it, except there's a special being advertised to the far right about a "happy life" thing for 300 yen. :P

  2. I'd also swear that the 4th, 3rd, and 2nd to the last in that second set say "snake skin", "rat skin", and "lucky money turtle" ...

  3. hm, maybe i need a lucky money turtle?

  4. First set, left to right:

    1. amulet/charm for education
    2. amulet/charm for finding good partner
    3. amulet/charm for a safe delivery
    4. amulet/charm with the Chinese zodiac sign(rat, dog, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake...)
    5. amulet/charm for passing (a test)
    6. amulet/charm with a netsuke
    7. amulet/charm for traffic/commute safety
    8. amulet/charm against bad luck
    9. bell of fortune
    10.tiny gold coin of fortune
    11.decent/large version of amulet/charm