Saturday, April 25, 2009

Midori Sushi

You knew I couldn't stay away from food posts for too long.  There are so many more things I want to tell you about!  
Our favorite sushi place is called Midori Sushi in Mark City.  We walk by this place every day, and the line is always absurdly long.  After watching people queue up for 3 weeks, we decided to give it a whirl as well.

This line is no joke!
My chirashi-zushi: for Steve, this was better than Ajihei's!  :)  They give you a HUGE amount of fish for a very reasonable price.  I gave all the things I dislike to Dan, including the pickled vegetables and the ikura (salmon eggs).

Dan's prix fixe sushi platter: for $21, this can't be beat!  The sushi is fresh and plentiful, and it also comes with a crab salad, an egg custard, and miso soup.

We also ordered a few items a la carte.

We went back again for a second visit because Dan is obsessed with this place.  This time, there was a new 'early summer' prix fixe special.  We got all this for $30!  It includes otoro, chutoro (fatty tuna), conger eel, sea bream, clam, salmon eggs, ankimo (fish liver -- and Dan's favorite), and some other stuff.  The hand roll was all pickled vegetables, though, and got a thumbs down in my book.  Oh, at the bottom left are two pieces of mediocre sponge cake for dessert.

Close-up of the ankimo

It came with a crab soup!  We weren't sure if we were supposed to eat the crab or not, but turns  out you aren't.  ;)  It was a bit disturbing drinking soup out of a bowl with a crab staring straight at you.

We tried their California roll, because it seemed different from the American California rolls.  It was all right, and used real crab, but there was way too much mayo.

And then our favorites are these pieces of broiled tuna.  The restaurant will blowtorch the tuna so that it's lightly broiled on top.  Delicious!
That's it, I am a bit tired of sushi, so hopefully this is my last sushi post.  ;)  
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  1. yum, that does look better than ajihei :). I want Japanese food!!!