Monday, April 6, 2009


Over the weekend, we took a day trip to Hakone, a lovely region with hot springs (onsen) and views of Mt. Fuji and a lot of different transportation options.  Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate fully with us, so we didn't have a great view of Mt. Fuji, but it was still gorgeous.

Transport #1 is the usual subway all the way to Hakone.

Transport #2: Hakone train
Transport #3: Funicular (sorry, didn't get a good picture of it)

Transport #4: cable car!  This was awesome, it went over a really crazy valley where they were mining sulfur.  Kind of looked like a Mayan civilization or something.

Here I am at the sulfur hot springs.  They are famous for their 'black eggs' here.   They are hard-boiled in the sulfur springs, so they all turn black.  Apparently, every egg you eat extends your life by 7 years.  Unfortunately, Dan and I were too full by then so we didn't eat any.  :(  Oh well, at least -not- eating them doesn't detract from your lifespan.

Transport #5: pirate ship!!  This was my favorite!  They are actually based on pirate ships.  Dan and I 'upgraded' to first class for $4.  :)
Transport #6: bus -- really really cramped bus for really really tiny Japanese people.  Not pictured.

Transport #7: On the way home, we took the RomanceCar, a super lovely train!  :)

Here is our train bento box.  I love eating bentos on the train.  It's so romantic, somehow.
And that's our trip to Hakone!  There are lots of cute shops and mochis and mochis everywhere.  Definitely recommend a day trip there if you are in Tokyo.
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  1. I went there! It's gorgeous, especially that lake, but yeah somehow there was lots of fog so we didn't get a great look at Mt. Fuji. We rode this funny bus though, with a bus driver who said goodbye in the most laugh-inducing voice ever. Aww, glad you had a good time! Did you visit any of the temples around the lake?