Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Friends in Tokyo

The bad part about living in a foreign country is that you miss your friends and family.  (To my friends and family who are reading this, I miss you!  :))  In a fortuitous collision of events, a whole bunch of us from Columbia ended up in Tokyo at the same time!  And here we are, all having dinner at Tsunahachi, a tempura place in Shinjuku.
Here we all are!  It's such a nice feeling to see friends in a foreign country.

We even scored ourselves a private tatami room!  Our legs all got tired, though.  We don't seem to have the stamina of the Japanese for sitting cross-legged.  My legs start turning numb pretty quickly.  Then a lot of discussion on the Asian squat ensued.  :P

Shrimp and red pepper and mackerel (?) tempura

This was some weird dish that no one seemed to like.  Sarah likened it to 'snot consistency.'  Still, it was a fun night!
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